“It is where the words are missing that the music starts;
when the words stop coming, man can only sing.“
Vladimir Jankélévitch



I collaborate with various musicians in the organisation of concerts of different genres among which you can find:

  • Chamber music: German, French and Russian Lieder

  • Salon music and by Italian opera composers

  • 20th century music

  • Ancient music with harpsichord and fortepiano

  • Arts in music and poetry in music projects

  • Women in music

  • Konzertrio (voice, clarinet and piano formations) with the titles: Nature and Sacredness in Music, KonzerTango, Youkaly: le pays de nos désirs, Canta el Alma (voice and guitar).

  • Entertainment programmess of various titles:

      “Ti parlerò d’amor”     
      “Scintille d’Operetta“
      “Voce ‘e notte“
      “Nostalgia di Bell’ Epoque”

  • American Songs

      "L'opera a salotto"
      “Chansons d’amour”
      “Musiche da Films”

If you’re interested in one or more of our proposals and want to insert them in your programs, please contact me for more details.