“It is where the words are missing that the music starts;
when the words stop coming, man can only sing.“
Vladimir Jankélévitch


My choice in chamber music has given me the opportunity to meet and work with effective musicians with whom I share artistic affinities and a love of music, something that has allowed me to work with them easily, thus comprehending different styles and repertoires.


Collaboration with Mr Joerg Demus

Led by the maestro, in 1991 I sang at the Salisburg Festival, as well as in different Italian cities (Bologna, Conegliano Veneto, Reggio Emilia, Alzano Lombardo, Savigliano), and have subsequently attended his Advanced courses.

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Strong artistic collaboration for seven years in a duet. We have attended together several advanced courses and won various Chamber Music prizes. As a duet we have performed mostly Lieder, music by women “Donne ch’avete intelletto di suono”, Cabaret Songs and collaborated as a trio with bassist Sergio Grazzini.

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Collaboration with Roberta Ropa

Versatile pianist and great artist, she has welcomed me in Romagna since the very beginning. We performed various Lieder, Chamber and Opera concerts accompanied by tenors Luca Visani and Cesar Gollini.

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Collaboration with Marco Farolfi

Accompanist in my class of lyrical music at the Municipal School G.Sarti of Faenza, I performed with him in countless concerts of harpsichord and fortepiano – accompanied Early Music, Lieder, Chanber, ‘900 Music and Contemporary, also with first-time-live songs.

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Collaboration with Monica Ferrini

Teaching partner in my lyric singing class at the Scuola Comunale di Musica G.Sarti di Faenza, in a duet with a repertoire of Romanze da salotto and Italian opera singers, Operetta, Chansons, songs from the past. Collaboration with the "Moonlight Quartet" together with the tenor Fabiano Naldini and with the cellist Marcella Trioschi, speaker Alessandro Lucchesi

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 Collaboration withBarbara Mazzolani

In trio formation with clarinetist and saxophonist Massimo Pauselli "Konzertrio" Lieder, Sacred, Chamber repertoire, Tango, 20th century and Contemporary music, review of "Poesia in Musica".

With the Formation of KonzerTrio voice, clarinet and sax, piano in August 2022 release of the CD "THE FORTRESS OF THE GREAT WHY" Tribute to Astor Piazzolla - on the occasion of the Composer's 2020 /21 Anniversaries.


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Collaboration with Giulio Giurato

Trio/quartet with the violinist Roberto Noferini and cellist Andrea Noferini in the production of some Schubert performances

Collaboration with Mr Joerg Demus in different live and Schubert performances and with the cellist Nicola Babini in events dedicated to Futurism and especially the figure of Mr Balilla Pratella.

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Collaboration with Marco Lagana'

Various concerts of Lieder, Chansons, Chamber and film music.

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Collaboration with Viller Valbonesi

Debussy, Romantic Age music: R.Schumann, C. Wieck, J. Brahmas

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Collaboration with Ksenia Oster Miller

Russian and Lieder repertoire

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Collaboration with Roberto Satta

20th century music, Contemporary music, music by Romagnoli authors (Caffarelli, Gallignani, Cicognani etc), Chamber

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Collaboration with Donato D'Antonio (guitarist)

Italian, German, Spanish and Brazilian repertoire

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Collaboration with Livia Liverani (harp player)

French music and compositions for voice and harp

15 Liverani



Collaboration with Annalisa Mannarini

Cabaret Songs, Musica from the 20th century, songs, American Songs, Music between the wars

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Collaboration with Renata Cremona

Women in Music, homage to the Catalan composer F. Mompou, Music from the 20th century





Collaboration with Denis Zardi

Chansons, Lieder





Collaboration with G. Fagnocchi

Music from the 20th century, Concert to commemorate the anniversary of the First World War, Faenza Artists and Futurism

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Collaboration with Angelo Buti

Songs, Jazz arrangements                                                     Bergantin 30



Collaboration with the "Metallurgica Viganò"

Music entertainment accompanied by M°. Paolo Baldelli and the Band - Leader of the Group Marco Boschi


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Collaboration with Maurizio Fornero

Lieder, Chamber - Concert commemorating "Note...sul filo della memoria" dedicated to the victims of the Shoah

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At MUKY - Loggetta del Trentanove – Faenza

Various performances during cultural and artistic events at ceramist-patron Violette (arts-name “Muky”)’s prestigious salon.


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 Ancuza Aprodu

Music of the '900 and Contemporary - Lieder.
Performances in 1st absolute of Compositions written by the composers: Correggia, Cascioli, Giachino, Lerda, Portera, Turchetto.

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Sebastian Roggero

Chamber music, 20th century music.
Concert "Ritratto di un'Epoca" on music written for the Savoy, romances and Fox trot by Augusto Cominotti, maternal grandfather of the singer.

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Andrea Musso

"Ninnananna per un bambino" program. An excursus of Lullaby from Mozart to the present day.

Music from the 1900s, Lieder music and world premiere performances.

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Silvia Cucchi

Music Puzzle :
Poetry and Music meet
Workshop: Cantiamo la Ninnananna

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Collaboration with various musicians and composers and performance of their songs:

Wally Peroni, Beatrice Santini, Andreina Costantini, Claudio Boncompagni, Daniele Salvatore, Roberto Beccaceci, Denis Zardi, Carlo Forlivesi, Enrico Correggia, Gianluca Cascioli,  Luigi Giachino, Antonello Lerda, Rita Portera, Andrea Turchetto, Raffaele Montanaro.
The love for Poetry in Music has favored the Meeting and the Collaboration in Turin with the composer M°Enrico Correggia, who has composed and Dedicated to her a cycle of Lieder on the collection of Poems " Death will come and will have your eyes" by Cesare Pavese.

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I’d like to thank and remember the musicians of Turin: Fabrizio Rosso, Federico Santi, Achille Lampo, Sandro Leone, Gabriella Perugini, Ugo Viola, who collaborated with me while helping taking my first steps in music, and the two great Maestre Nerina e Wally Peroni who have contributed to my training. A special thanks to Maestro Andrea Turchetto, pianist, composer, scorer and accompanist with whom I study and prepare repertoire especially of Contemporary Music.